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Ani-Jam says goodbye

Dearest friends and fans.

We at Ani-Jam Llc. regret to inform you that Ani-Jam convention will be shutting down. We know that this announcement will be met with great disappointment and we hope that you understand this was not an easy decision...

Please wish the Boss Man, Antonio Airoso, the best of luck on his future adventures! Thank you, Antonio for giving us the privilege of working on such an amazing show!

Thank you so much to all those who have supported Ani-Jam though the years! Every staff member, volunteer, sponsor, fan and guest have all been amazing, and Ani-Jam could not have been as awesome as it was without all of you!

Our website and FB pages will remain up until the end of the calendar year. All other social media pages will come down as we tie up our loose ends.

We appreciate your understanding and realize many of you will have questions. We ask that you please direct all questions to Belle (Moony) Morrow at moony@ani-jam.com, or to Spring (Rennais) Logan at conops@ani-jam.com

Thank you for everything,

[FAQ] Is Ani-Jam Moving?

A few of you have asked us if Ani-Jam is moving to Visalia. We have been approached by other cities to move our show in recent years. Ani-Jam is currently not contracted nor signed for future shows with any city and nothing is set in stone. We love our fans from all over the Central Valley and will continue to give them the best show we can, no matter where we are.

Great Day!

Thanks to Belle and all of our cosplayers for taking time off from work and their personal life to do the Great Day segment on KMPH this morning! If you missed the airing you can watch it on the Great Day website linked below: