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Contact Us

*** Please email or leave a message about your Ani-Jam question(s) and our staff will get back to you soon. ***
*** Many of our staff work day jobs and may not be able to immediately respond to your inquiry. ***

President of Ani-Jam LLC and General Information
Antonio Airoso
E-mail: aairoso@ani-jam.com
Phone: (559) 283-2145

Event Chairwoman and Guest Booking
Belle Morrow
E-mail: moony@ani-jam.com
Phone: (559) 366-7286

Convention Operations
Spring Logan
E-mail: conops@ani-jam.com
Phone: (559) 300-4848

Attendee Registration
Aaron Wainio & Isabelle Xiong
E-mail: registration@ani-jam.com

Social Media Manager
Jeff Wakefield
E-mail: AJsocialmedia@ani-jam.com