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The Cosplay Masquerade is a exciting and popular event for con-goers which allows individuals and small groups to show off the hard work they put into creating their costumes and props by participating in either a runway walk-on or a short skit. Even if you do not participate in the event the Masquerade is often a nice way to relax, watch the show and end the day off.

The Rules for this year's competition are now available!

If, after having read the rules, you want to apply for a spot in this years Cosplay Masquerade Applications are now being accepted.


Masquerade Judge

This year we Ani-jam is going to try something new. For the cosplay masquerade we are letting you guys vote for a judge! Any registered attendee may enter this contest for a chance to become a judge for this year’s cosplay masquerade!

You may enter until 7/31/2014 and voting will begin on 8/1/2014 and  continue through 8/9/2014.
We will contact the winner on 8/11/2014 and announce them once we receive their acceptance.

How to Enter:
Email our cosplay coordinator the following information:
-Your REAL name
-Cosplay Alias
-Quick 1-3 sentences about why people should vote for you.
-Normal picture of yourself and one picture in cosplay. (Pics don’t have to be professional, but full body is preferred to selfies. Remember, this is a family friendly event so outfits must be dressed accordingly. If you use a professional photographer’s image, please get their consent first.) (Please post both images into one email.)

-This is an INDIVIDUAL contest, no groups or pairs will be accepted.

-Must be 16+ (if 16 or 17, parental consent will be required.)
-Must be able to stay throughout the masquerade
-Must be a registered attendee (this DOES NOT count as volunteer time)
-NOT a member of staff
-NOT part of the masquerade or member of a group competing
-Punctual, fair, kind, able to follow simple directions

How voting works:
This is a simple liking contest. Person with the most likes wins.

Ways to get disqualified:
-Hateful and mean comments
-Telling others to NOT vote for a particular individual
-Inappropriate pictures
-Multiple fake entrees

Please send entrees to the cosplay coordinator via email.
Any questions may be directed there as well.