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Code of Conduct

  1. The Fresno Convention Center does not allow outside food in the hall. Food purchased inside the hall at the concession stand or from an attending vendor is allowed. Outside food and beverages may be eaten outside and in the courtyard.


  1. Have a great time! Behave in a manner that shines a positive light on anime, anime fans and Ani-Jam! Ani-Jam is often a first-time convention for people and we want to show them that everyone is welcome!


  1. Take lots of pictures, but it is polite to ask people first if you may take their picture. Also be sure to ask that person if it is ok to post to the internet if you intend to do so. Many people are more than happy to give permission for this. If someone says “no” don’t take it personally. Please be aware that some panels may not allow pictures or video though.


  1.  Don’t forget to read the Cosplay and Weapons/Props policies. It’s no fun for attendees to have to make an unnecessary trip to their room, car or home because they were in violation of one of the policies.


  1.  Be aware of your surroundings.  The convention may get crowded so remember to not run, rush or push to get to your next activity at the show. Be aware of the space around you to help avoid an accidental bumping into others. Be especially aware of small children.


  1. Respect other’s personal space. Do not hug or “glomp” people without their permission.


  1. Ani-Jam does not allow the “saving” of spots in line or seats in event rooms. If someone must leave their spot in line for a moment for some reason please alert the staff member or volunteer handling the line to the situation.


  1. Some events or panels may not allow photography, please respect the wishes of our guests if this is the situation.


  1.  Never be afraid to take your questions or concerns (no matter how big or small) to Customer Service WING in the Foyer.  That’s what they are there for!
  2. Ani-Jam reserves the right to change this policy as needed to ensure the safety of our Guests, Attendees, Volunteers and Staff.

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